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About Embody You

Embody You is a creative self-discovery practice by Melissa Bell,
conveniently based in Edens Landing, Brisbane.

Hi there! I’m Melissa and welcome to Embody You


I started Embody You to provide a service of discovery and creativity for women.


My vision is to support you on your, self development journey, to unlock your full potential and release what is holding you back from living your best life. I do this by guiding you to tap into your talents and encourage you to navigate through the blocks to live a loving, passionate and purposeful, soulful life.


How I got here


I’ve been there.  In that cold, dark place of despair and worry, questioning what is my purpose? Asking why is my life not going the way I had planned.  Failed relationship after failed relationship.  Not being happy in my own skin.  Lacking confidence and self esteem.  Isolating, withdrawing from life because it all felt too hard.  Too nervous to start something new or join in groups.  Having few to no friends.  Not enjoying work because it feels mundane and without purpose. Feeling like there must be something more….


Life was not working out for me as I had planned.  I was in my mind to be married by 26 and have 2 children, a house and much, much more.  I had many failed relationships, very little self esteem and no belief in myself and didn’t have many friends.  After another unsuccessful relationship I remember at one point in my early 20’s saying to my brother’s friend “I can’t find a man so I’m going to find a career” so I went about finding it but I never gave up on finding my man either.


So at age 28 I went along to an experiential workshop which was truly transformational and opened my eyes to a new way of being.  Although I have felt that my whole life has been about changing and learning this was the start of me truly waking up and becoming alive, living a loving, passionate and purposeful life.  Since then I have attended many, many workshops exploring and exposing my deepest thoughts, feelings, secrets and fears.


Through all this learning I discovered that I wanted a career with heart.


I hated school and I hated the thought of study – passionately. What I loved was learning about how emotions and feelings and belief patterns affect your body and learning how my behaviours have affected my relationships, learning about yoga, meditation and all things to improve myself.  I believed that everyone should learn this stuff. It made total sense to me so I dedicated my 30’s to learning all that I could.


On my 36th birthday I lost my dad and not long after that I received a redundancy which gave me the opportunity to seek and study my passion – Holistic Counselling, Artistic & Expressive Therapies.


During my Full time studies, I not only worked as a Dance Instructor part time, I also worked as an internal Recruitment Consultant for a company for close to 7 years where I employed over 200 people during that time, provided Leadership training and conducted future job preparation workshops. The business closed in June 2018 and I received another redundancy. Although this was sad I was happy about this as it meant that I could concentrate on my purpose and passion – supporting women on their self development journey, to unlock their full potential and release what is holding them back from living their best life.


Although I continually evolve and embody the many years of my personal and soul development I am here living my purpose, with a loving and supportive partner who inspires me every day.


I am excited to be able to share and offer my knowledge and tools that have helped me gain my belief and self esteem to live a loving, passionate and purposeful life.   I can assist with:


– Personal/Soul Development

– Career Development / Career Transition assistance

– Artistic Expressions workshops


If you would like more information about the services I offer or to book a personalised 1-to-1 consultation please call me or send me a message via my contact page and we will organise a mutually convenient time to meet.  I look forward to working with you.

Melissa Bell
Melissa Bell Embody You Workshops
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Are you ready to dive in to find your truth?
Call now to book an appointment on 0417 602 794…

How I Can Help

  • Creative

    Coaching & Holistic Counselling
  • Flowers

    Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Art

    Artistic Expressions Workshops
  • Dance

    Therapeutic Dance Classes


Embody You is conveniently located at Edens Landing
to accommodate any busy life schedule.

If you come by car, there is free parking available. We are an 18 minute walk from Edens Landing train station.


Appointments are flexible and can be made between 9am – 5pm or can be requested before or after work or on Saturday mornings.


Please call me on 0417 602 794 to arrange an appointment, or alternatively fill in the contact form here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Thank you, Melissa Bell

Are you ready to dive in to find your truth?
Call now to book an appointment on 0417 602 794…