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How I Can Help

I provide guidance and support through one-on-one sessions and workshops, enabling you to search inside yourself from a fun and creative perspective.

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Helping you to connect with your body, understand emotions and create the foundations you need for physical and emotional well-being.


You will learn to:


Be seen and heard – Think your thoughts

Deepen your sense of spirituality – Be artful!

Overcome fear – Remember who you wanted to be

Get a clearer purpose in life

Loosen up while feeling grounded

Accept and embrace your identity

Build authentic connections with others

Are you ready to dive in to find your truth?
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Creative Coaching & Holistic Counselling

Combining skills of coaching and counselling along with artistic and expressive therapies you are invited to step into your inner world to balance all parts of yourself.


Holistic Counselling helps to guide you to explore the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.  Each session is client focussed and we work together with your inner healer, tapping into your own healing wisdom.  This encourages you to create the life you wish to live and gives you the freedom and desire to move forward with confidence and clarity.


A session may also include the use of artistic or expressive therapy like clay, paint, drawing or body movement and music, Sandplay and symbol work or a combination of all of these.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower Essences can support the integration of transformation after a session.


They can also assist where you feel you have blockages of emotions preventing you from moving forward.


These can be recommended if you choose during or at the end of the session.


Please ask me if you would like further information regarding the essences.


Artistic Expressions Workshops

Healing your Heart through Clay – Dancing from the Inside Out – Claim your Inner Strength through Art.
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Therapeutic Dance Classes

Dancing has been a huge part of my life since the age of 5.


I started practicing Wu Tao in 2005 and completed my training and became a licensed teacher in 2006 because of the peace and beauty this wonderful dance modality has given me.


I believe that doing a Wu Tao class takes you into a feeling of peace and serenity. It helps you to get in touch with your inner landscape to heal and release that which inhibits you from living the life you deserve. With dance, music and meditation you can be at one with yourself and let go.  It always amazes me at how relaxed the students are after each class, Wu Tao is truly amazing.


To find out more about Wu Tao visit http://wutaodance.com/

Wu Tao is truly amazing
Are you ready to dive in to find your truth?
Call now to book an appointment on 0417 602 794…